Photography Exhibition at Hyatt Centric Montevideo from November 8, 2017 to March 5, 2018

In the lobby of the Hyatt Centric Montevideo until March 5, 2018, nine of my works are permanently on display, two black and white

and seven in color:

Access is free and at all times. I managed to place a maximum of nine works in the space that the hotel provides to exhibit art, so those who want to see my other works will find them in my personal Flickr account. I recommend taking the visit as part of a tour to the splendid Hyatt Centric Montevideo, as it a great place to stroll and also enjoy as well some of its common areas: its restaurant is excellent, as well as its bar with good drinks and large screen display, and its Deli, with homemade bakery and the supreme view of the Pocitos Beach.

Deli Hyatt Centric Montevideo
As well on December 6, 2017, at 6.30 PM, I will give a photographic keynote at the hotel where I will talk about the works on display as well as why I am inspired by photography. I will share anecdotes that I hope will motivate many to also make photography a hobby, and expect that at least you will all leave feeling that you will take better photos afterwards. To be able to participate in my presentation you must reserve a place in advance by sending an email to

Lobby Hyatt Centric Montevideo
Returning to the subject of the exhibition itself, it aims to show the capacity of today's photographic medium without resorting to Photoshop (the "post" processing I use is only revealed using Lightroom from the original photograph in "RAW"), and what is possible to achieve only with the best techniques, lenses and current cameras, maintaining at a maximum level the naturalness and resolution of the images.

The technique for all the prints is fine art canvas with a durability greater than 100 years making the photos look more like paintings, thus diluting the boundary that separates the painter from the photographer.

The art of photographing requires being in the present, focusing and enjoying what one sees without second thoughts, and then transforming it into eternal information. Each photo is timeless and always contains something about oneself. That is why it is mysterious and captivating. Mysterious since its beauty is reinterpreted every time we look at this object that partially represents a moment already escaped. Captivating, perhaps, for that sensation of self immortality.

I hope you can come see it  and I am open to all comments, including and with pleasure any criticism.