Photography Essence at a Live Show

During a live show, complete attention on the movement flow is the key element as the events unfold at a speed that leaves no room for double thoughts.

I assume other photographers feel and experience the same. We have numerous thoughts out of control in our heads as our "normal" state of mind, but, camera on hand, and if it were magic, they all automatically go and and seeing dominates our universe.

It's like an instant meditation state but instead of internal, external and based on what our senses directly see with no more filters but our intuitions and emotions that guides our shutter triggering.

Can photography be generated otherwise? Not fully focus on experiencing the moment, the present, which might be our only encounter with reality which is not a construction of the mind?

In this series of photos I used two cameras. One with Nikon 14–24mm, and the otherone with a Zeiss 100mm manual zoom lens. The camera with the wide-zoom lens set on a tripod with a cable shooter release, while hand holding the one with telephoto lens. This, though more challenging attention wise, allowed me to record a more richer set. This more demanding double camera effort made it more fun, more inspiring, and a more satisfying experience.