The sense of time

I have no clue if what I experience is similar to what others experience, but I feel that on our normal state of mind, by that I mean during most of our daily routines and activities, we are not aware of the flow of time. For most objects that do not move relative to us, we feel as they are fixed in time. For those that move, we feel the movement, but not the flow of time.

However, photography has transformed my awareness. I did not have to read nor be thought that time moves actually quite fast. The more I photogragh the more I feel the speed time has. Strange that an absolute dimension relative to our palpable existence can be percieved so differently when we are focus on the instance!

When the conditions are inspiring I have a sense of urge that I have little time to grasp the moment. I'm not tense, I'm not in a hurry, actually I'm fully enjoying myself, but I'm aware that all around me the world is changing by the instant, and that I have to connect to a moment that is in constant flow.